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  This page is dedicated to our Manatee County Park 
  Rangers. The many hours for they are there to assist in every word    

This Manatee County park is an undiscovered gem to canoers and kayakers. It is approximately 2.4 miles up river from Ray's Canoe Hideaway.

Rye Wilderness is a passive recreational use, 145-acre park with varied outdoor usage. It rests on both sides of the Manatee River, extending from the Rye Road Bridge to the dam at Lake Manatee, approximately three miles.

Rye park consists of oak hammocks, pine forest, wetlands, palmetto fields and has a wide diversity of wildlife.

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Canoe Pullout
Canoe Sign From the river, Rye Wilderness Park has a Canoe Pull Out, marked by a small sign. You can leave your canoe or kayak pulled well off the river bank at the bottom of the hiking trail and walk up to the Park. Just be sure to secure your paddles so joyriders can't "borrow" your boat.
Playground Sign For day visitors, Rye Wilderness Park is a wonderful stopping place along the Manatee River. You can stretch your legs or make it your destination for a half or full day paddling adventure. The park offers shaded picnic tables with barbecue grills, a playground, horseshoe pit, volleyball court, and nature trails for horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. Playground
A large Playground for kids of all ages!
Restroom sign
The park has a Ranger Station which includes the Park Office, a pay phone, restrooms and, for campers, hot and cold showers. The park office phone number is (941)776-0900. Ranger and Restroom Facilities
Shower sign
Rye Wilderness Park has a 32-site tent campground. Camping check-in is between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. There is NO admission fee. However, overnight primitive camping is $10+ tax per night per site, up to eight people at one site. Reservations are NOT accepted by the park; policy is first come first serve. BUT... Ray's will go reserve a site for you if you are arriving late or want to assure a site. Simply call us at (941) 747-3909.
Tent sign Campgrounds
Campfire Sign The Typical Campsite has a picnic table, barbecue grill and campfire circle. Typical campsite
Picnic Sign

Picnicking is on a "first come, first served" basis. There are various picnic areas available with table, grill and trash cans.

A Group Picnic Pavilion is available free if no one else has reserved it. You can reserve it  by calling the Manatee County Conservation Land Management Div.  at (941) 776-0900 . Dimensions: 22' x 38' with bar-b-q pit.

Picnic Pavillion
Hiking Sign Hiking, Mountain Biking, and Horseback Riding Trails are available. Just be sure to bring your own horse or bike! Entrance into Hiking Trail
Fishing Sign
This is part of the Manatee River. It is considered fresh water and is governed and enforced by The Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission.
The Entrance to Rye Wilderness Park by automobile is on Rye Road, just 2 miles from Ray's Canoe Hideaway. To get there, at the end of Hagle Park Road turn left (east) on Upper Manatee River Road, at the next intersection turn left onto Rye Road, on the other side of the Rye Bridge turn right at the Rye Wilderness Park sign. Entrance from the road

Rye Wilderness Park - Camping Rules and Regulations:

   - Camping is available weekends (Friday and Saturday) only.
   - Camping may be extended beyond the regular Friday and Saturday nights during holiday weekends.
   - Camping dates subject to change without notice.  Please call Rye Wilderness Park for current Schedules.  (941) 776-0900
   - Camping check-in is from 3:00 - until 7:00 pm Friday and Saturday.  Check-out time is 2:00 pm.
   - All vehicles must be registered at the Ranger's Station.
   - All camping fees shall be paid in advance. $10 per night plus tax.
   - No checks or credit cards accepted.  No refunds.
   - No persons under 18 years of age will be allowed to occupy a campsite unless chaperoned by an adult at all times.
   - A maximum of eight (8) people will be allowed ot occupy a single campsite.
   - TENT CAMPING ONLY.  All tents must be set up in approved camp sites.
   - a maximum of one (1) vehicle per campsite.  Additional vehicles must park in overflow parking area.
   - Pets are permitted in camping area, but must be on a leash at ALL times.
   - Fires are only permitted in park grills, portable stove/grill, or fire rings.  Do not leave fires unattended.
   - Please, do  not throw or burn trash in grills.
   - The gathering of firewood is not permitted.
   - Please do not nail, hang, or tie anything in trees or shrubs.  This act can kill or damage plants.  
      This includes clotheslines, tarps, lanterns, tents, etc.
   - Fixtures, structures, or shelters which require digging are not permitted.
   - Please keep volume down so as not to disturb others using the park.  Quite time is 10:00 pm.
   - The use of gasoline powered generators is not permitted.

General Park Rules and Regulations:

   - No alcoholic beverages.
   - Vehicles must stay on designated roads.  No ATVs or off road motorcycles.
   - Firearms are prohibited.
   - Glass bottles are prohibited. Broken glass hurts.
   - Littering is illegal, unsightly, harmful to wildlife and unsanitary.
   - Please do not feed the animals.

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